Nov 272012

There has been a great deal of hype over various moving insurance policies recently. Here we explain the importance of business and commercial insurance. This policy is intended to protect the assets of relocation vendors against all types of unanticipated occurrences.

If you run a relocation related enterprise, then you’re probably aware of the many insurance packages you need to purchase to protect all your assets. Now, imagine that you could purchase everything you need in one bundle, spending less effort and paying less money, and still guaranteeing that your business is secure? Business and commercial insurance through the Relocation Insurance Group offers you this ideal solution to your insurance needs.

Business and commercial insurance for relocation vendors is provided by Relocation Insurance Group through the company website, This insurance policy protects commercial fleets, facilities, employees, equipment and customers.

Relocation Insurance Group provides customers with truly comprehensive policies which create a “real-time” connection between the vendor/affiliate, the insured, and the insurance carrier. The insurance program eliminates customers’ stress by ensuring them with comprehensive coverage for all their corporate needs.

Clearly, business and commercial insurance proves to be the perfect solution for relocation vendors looking to insure their assets. Relocation Insurance Group provides relocation businesses with a wide variety of comprehensive insurance programs through the company’s website,, and helps customers in the process of moving protect their precious  possessions against loss or damage.

Relocation Insurance Group
Relocation Insurance Group (also referred to as is a pioneer in the insurance world; Its is the original agency to offer moving insurance directly to businesses and consumers though its one-stop online portal. Customers will find a wide array of insurance programs online at Relocation Insurance Group offers programs such as moving insurance, senior citizen moving insurance, storage insurance, mobile storage insurance, and others. In the interest of continuing its expansion, is currently looking to hire a software developer. If you are interesting in joining the team, please refer to for details. For further information on moving insurance please visit or check out the company’s Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages.

Nov 202012

Choosing the ideal mover may not be as big of a life choice as, say, choosing a spouse, but is by no means a trivial matter. Today,  more and more customers find themselves victim to scams or otherwise negligent moving companies. Thus, it is critical to select movers you can trust and who accomplish the job smoothly, efficiently, safely and at a reasonable cost.

Unfortunately, with the rising demand for moving services, many people become exploited by highly unprofessional or fraudulent moving companies. Such companies, for example, keep customer belongings hostage or conduct bait-and-switch scams. How does it work? A moving company keeping a customer’s items hostage may suddenly raise its prices and refuse to deliver the items unless the customer agrees to pay mores. Similarly, in the case of a bait-and-switch scam, customers are given one price in the beginning of the moving process, only to be told later on that they must endure additional payments.

Harrington Moving & Storage thus recommends that customers research companies through the Better Business Bureau to see their licenses and ratings and to read reviews from former customers. Harrington advises customers to be wary of the many companies scattered throughout the country that may try to take advantage of customers–and reviewing BBB ratings is a simple and effective way of gaining a sense of a company’s credibility and professionalism.

Harrington Moving & Storage, in effort to further help those seeking out movers, lists the following advice:

  1. A moving company may offer an extremely low first estimate, either on their website or when directly communicating with customers. In fact, this is a common tactic employed by fraudulent companies in their attempt to lure in customers. Thus, be aware that a price that is “too good to be true” probably is and should raise a red flag.
  1. Another common practice employed by dishonest companies is to either omit proper contact information on their website or mislead customers by posting incorrect contact informations. For example, a company may not provide a post office address, or else post a fabricated one. Thus, be sure to check out building addresses, phone numbers, and names before getting involved with a moving company.
  1. Another bad sign: Companies that ask for a cash deposits. Credible movers do not ask for deposits in cash, so a company that asks for any amount of cash in advance should raise your suspicions.
  1. Customers should know all their rights and responsibilities–and interstate moving companies are responsible by law for presenting this information with them. If a moving company doesn’t then you should ask for all the information that concerns your rights and responsibilities; if the company avoids giving the information you requested, then you are likely facing a scam.
  1. A legitimate moving company will have all the necessary licenses. Thus, when you speak to a company representative, verify all licenses. If a company tries to convince you that licences are unnecessary, automatically find another mover.
  1. Finally, credible moving companies will has marked uniforms and trucks. If you notice a lack of clearly marked uniforms and trucks, seek out an alternative company.

Keep yourself protected from scammers by following the advice offered by Harrington Moving & Storage. Always do the necessary research and proceed thoughtfully when choosing to hire a new moving company. Of course, cost is one among many factors to consider when hiring a company. But at the end of the day, its about finding the company that will reliably ensure that your possessions are intact, on site, and on time.

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